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September 1, 2021

10 Women Come Forward Against D&D Streamer Arcadum With WILD Claims

TheQuartering [9/1/2021]

A lot of women have it out for Arcadum.

According to Dexerto:

Popular Dungeons & Dragons streamer Jeremy ‘GloriousArcadum’ Black has been accused of manipulation, emotional abuse, and sexual assault. In total, at least ten women have made similar accusations against the streamer, who says he will issue a response.

Twitch streamer Momo was among the first women to post public accusations against Black, writing “I am doing this to save future women that could have the possibility of being manipulated by him. I am doing this in an attempt to inform people of his dedication to grooming the people in his life.”

During a long “friendship” with Black, Momo claims that the popular streamer was emotionally manipulative, and would “lash out at me, yet again, with the same cycle: angry, jealousy, sympathy farming, and reassurance of his stature.”

It is alleged that on August 26, Arcadum reached out to multiple women with whom he was friends, explaining that he was going to “block, and ban all the girls he had been involved with or close with” in an attempt to save his relationship with streamer Tiffany Tiefling.

However, Momo claims that “it was not until later, when I was approached by the other women who he had forcibly removed, that he was simply trying to sweep all his wrongdoing under the rug, to salvage his reputation with his community.”

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