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October 6, 2021

A New EMBARRASSING Low For Star Trek! Scene Makes Fans SQUIRM With Over The Top Cringe On Lower Decks

TheQuartering [10/6/2021]

This scene makes fans SQUIRM with over the top cringe.

According to BoundingIntoComics:

In a scene that was both confusing and yet unsurprising, Star Trek: Lower Decks recently pushed a classic piece of franchise lore to a bizarre and overtly sexual extreme.

The moment occurred in the eighth episode of Lower Decks’ currently airing second season, ‘I, Excretus’, during a training exercise in which series lead Beckett Mariner is tasked with demonstrating her potential abilities as a Captain by running through a hologram simulation based on the classic Star Trek: The Original Series episode The Naked Time.

Materializing onto a virtual-approximation of the U.S.S. Cerritos amidst an outbreak of polywater intoxication (otherwise known in-universe as both the Psi 2000 virus and the Tsiolkovsky infection), Mariner soon encounters her crewmates deep within the disease’s throes.

However, unlike previous depictions of polywater intoxication, which left the conclusions of the flirtatious behavior sparked amongst the infected by the disease to the viewers’ imaginations, the Ensign is confronted with a full-blown, ship-wide orgy.

Though Mariner initially attempts to get a handle on the situation, barking orders at the crew and demanding that they return to their stations, she soon loses her composure after seeing Boimler spread eagle atop the counter of the Cerritos’ bar.

And Stevens riding Ransom like a horse while spanking him with a phallic-device.

These shocking displays eventually lead Mariner to eject herself and the naked crew members into space, netting her a failing grade and ending the simulation.

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