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January 26, 2022

A Truly INSANE Encounter With Mask Lady At Walmart!

TheQuartering [1/25/2022]

According to LouderWithCrowder:

When out in public and seeing someone not wearing a mask, there’s an entire spectrum of reactions you can choose from. You could have a full-on meltdown. You could act like a creeper. Or you can mind your own beeswax and let people live their own lives. The woman in this video did NOT choose option C. She chose to publicly shame a couple who were not wearing masks. Or, rather, she attempted the publicly shame them. The only person she shamed was herself and her family. They now have to live in shame knowing their mother/sister/aunt is a laughing stock all over the internet.

Usual viral video disclaimers about missing context and all that. I’m assuming it’s a maskless couple with their kids because Karen–she swears that’s what her name is–made mention of maskless kids.

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