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March 4, 2022

Absolute INSANITY At Texas College Campus! Unhinged Leftists Hit A New Low You MUST See To Believe

TheQuartering [3/4/2022]

According to CurrentRevolt:

Pastimes of most University of North Texas students include abuse of psychoactive prescription medication, dwelling on how much they hate their fathers (or lack thereof), and organizing riots against intolerant views such as: “It is child abuse to groom children and/or put them on puberty blocking medications.”

At the center of the UNT student population’s ire this time is Kelly Neidert, who The Texas Newspaper of Record chose to be on their 30 under 30 list not too long ago.

Kelly Neidert became the President of the Young Conservatives of Texas chapter at UNT in the Fall of 2019. She has created no shortage of controversy since. She recently passed the baton of leadership to Stephen Moitz, while continuing to make TikToks and generally #ownthelibs on a weekly basis online. On February 16th, Kelly posted a TikTok video and subsequent tweet of a young boy (we assume he’s in college at least…?) leaving the library after making a scene over the fact Kelly and a friend were printing a flyer advertising an upcoming YCT event showcasing Jeff Younger, candidate for Texas House District 63.

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