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February 11, 2022

Amazon ROASTED By Lord Of The Rings Fans Over ABSURD Oversight In The Rings Of Power!

TheQuartering [2/11/2022]

According to ITM:

Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power just blew up the internet with exclusive photos of their brand new cast of Middle Earth characters. But fans are losing it over a female dwarf queen with no beard.

Before the Super Bowl, LVI airs the official trailer for Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power official trailer; Jeff Bezos gave Vanity Fair the first look at their new characters played by a diverse cast.

But, the Dwarven Princess Disa — played by British actress Sophia Nomvete — is sparking loads of controversy over a female dwarf reportedly NOT having a beard:

I find the lack of facial hair disturbing, female dwarves have beards

One Rings fan shared: okay but the male elves having short hair and the female dwarf having no beard… something’s up

Another Tolkien fan voiced their opinion:

What is this? A beardless dwarf and a shorthaired elf [Elrond]? No sir. All dwarves male and female have beards. All Elven have lang braided hair

Another Rings fan shared: the people behind the amazon ring of power is already inacuarte to tolkien lore…their first reveal of a new female dwarf is not accurate…woman doesn’t have a beard..all dwarfs regardless of gender have beards...

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Looking at these Tweets, it’s inferred that no one has an issue with actress Sophia Nomvete taking the crown as Dwarven Princess Dira, but how Amazon interpreted the first female dwarf raises eyebrows.

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