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April 27, 2023

Andrew Tate POISONED In His Home? Scary Video Uploaded Before Quickly Deleted From Twitter

TheQuartering [4/27/2023]

According to TheSun:

ANDREW Tate has posted a new video of a severe reaction of some sort, sparking worries among his followers that he’s been poisoned.

He shared a clip of his swollen face and red skin on Twitter, saying he had only had coffee and water before the symptoms appeared.

Andrew posted: “Face swollen, blood pressure is through the roof. Skin is on fire. Hard to breathe.

“Some sort of severe reaction or poison.”

Despite his worrying symptoms which have his eyes almost completely swollen shut, he said he’s “gathering chi” and drinking tea,

The infamous social media star said he isn’t allergic to anything, and had never had a reaction like this before.

He continued: “Either an insect bite or some matrix attack insanity in his bottled water. He’s refusing doctors and focusing on tea and breathing.

“He says the doctor will inject him with ‘who knows what’ and kill him.”

Videos show him sitting in the lotus position and sipping on tea, as he refuses medical care.

Andrew has continually spoken about The Matrix and has said everyone lives in a simulation.

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