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March 28, 2023

Andrew Tate To Be RELEASED Tomorrow New Report States! US Embassy Involved

TheQuartering [3/28/2023]

According to NewYorkPost:

Accused human-trafficking rapist Andrew Tate lost yet another bid for freedom Tuesday after a Romanian judge refused to let him out on bail.

The Bucharest Tribunal ruled after a morning hearing that Tate’s request to have police custody replaced with a restricted release on bail was “inadmissible in principle.”

The 36-year-old divisive influencer has been held in a cockroach-infected Bucharest jail since the end of last year even though he and his three co-accused — including brother Tristan — have not been formally charged.

It was the third appeal Tate has lost after prosecutors twice succeeded in getting his detention extended for a total of 60 days.

Under Romanian law, he can be held for 180 days without charge.

His defense team said it was “disappointed in this outcome as we had high hopes to see Andrew reunited with his family” and vowed to appeal.

The court on Wednesday is set to rule on a similar appeal by his brother, Tristan Tate, 34, who has been held alongside his brother and is accused of helping him run an organized crime gang that has trafficked and exploited women.

Tate, meanwhile, appeared to use his latest blow as a philosophy lesson for his 5.3 million followers on Twitter.

“If Allah intends good for someone, then He afflicts him with trials,” the US-born, UK-raised Muslim tweeted.

Tate, who has lived in Romania since 2017, has repeatedly claimed Romanian prosecutors have no evidence and alleged their case is a “political” conspiracy designed to silence him.

The now-hairy ex-kickboxer has also blamed his legal woes on “the matrix.” 

His lawyers claim that his viral videos — in which he gloated of violence to enslaved women tricked into working for his webcam businesses — are just him playing a fictitious, buzz-worthy character online.

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