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September 9, 2021

Ben Shapiro Is The Most EVIL Man Alive According To Google Employees

TheQuartering [9/9/2021]

Ben Shapiro = genocide, apparently.

According to AllSides:

Shapiro, who was the top target of antisemitism on Twitter among journalists in 2016, slammed the Google training.

“All it would take is one Google search to learn just how much white supremacists hate my work, or how often I’ve spoken out against their benighted philosophy,” Shapiro told Rufo in City Journal. “The attempt to link everyone to the right of Hillary Clinton to white supremacism is disgusting, untrue, and malicious.”

Employees put through the training are taught that the United States is a “system of white supremacy,” and that Americans are “raised to be racist” from infancy through adulthood. Rufo writes in City Journal that the “racial-reeducation program” is based on the “core tenets of critical race theory — including ‘intersectionality,’ ‘white privilege,’ and ‘systemic racism.’”

The training features prominent “antiracist” activists such as The New York Time’s Nikole Hannah-Jones and Boston University professor Ibram Kendi, Hannah-Jones is the creator of the Times’ “1619 Project,” an effort to reframe the founding of the United States and replace the Declaration of Independence with the institution of slavery. The 1619 Project has been roundly rejected by scholars of the United States and its founding.

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