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May 23, 2022

Breaking: Journalist Jack Posobiec DETAINED While Covering WEF! (Full Footage)

TheQuartering [5/23/2022]

According to RebelNews:

Posobiec is in Davos, Switzerland to cover this week’s annual meeting of the World Economic Forum.

Video footage on Twitter shows Posobiec seen sitting in a restaurant with a videographer when police and Swiss authorities descend on his table.

(19) Anon News on Twitter: “BREAKING: US Journalist @JackPosobiec has been detained by Swiss police. They refused to tell me the reason he and his team have been detained. He shares that police pointed guns at him and stopped him because he “looked suspicious”.

This story is developing.

Rebel News has a six-person team of journalists on the ground in Davos to report on the hypocrisy of the WEF global elites and oligarchs as they meet to discuss their plans for humanity. To support their independent journalism, and to see their coverage, please visit

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