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February 14, 2022

Breaking: Trucker Convoy Donations HACKED & Journalists Spreading Donor Information! GiveSendGo Mess

TheQuartering [2/14/2022]

According to TheVerge:

GiveSendGo, a crowdfunding website that was being used to source donations for the “Freedom Convoy” protest mounted by Canadian truckers, has been taken offline in an apparent hack and information about alleged donors leaked online.

On Sunday night, the GiveSendGo domain began to redirect to a new domain — GiveSendGone[.]wtf — and show a video loop from Disney’s Frozen, as first noted by Daily Dot journalist Mikael Thalen. The video was accompanied by text criticizing the fundraising site and linking it to the January 6th insurrection in the US.

GiveSendGo, which brands itself “the number one Free Christian crowdfunding platform,” had already emerged as the go-to platform for fundraising to cover legal fees for Trump supporters accused of participating in the Capitol insurrection.

It quickly became the number one fundraising choice for the self-styled “Freedom Convoy” after the more prominent platform GoFundMe said it would withhold millions of dollars in donations to the truckers, citing police reports of violence and other illegal activity. Canadian banks had already begun to block funds linked to the convoy, with TD freezing two personal accounts containing more than $1 million in donor funding.

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