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October 4, 2021

Brian Laundrie SIGHTED & Huge Police Coverup Revealed In Gabby Petito Case!

TheQuartering [10/4/2021]

Brian Laundrie SIGHTED and huge police coverup revealed in Gabby Petito case!

According to TheNewYorkPost:

A Florida engineer is adamant he spoke with Brian Laundrie on a deserted road near the Appalachian Trail in North Carolina on Saturday morning.

Dennis Davis’ alleged encounter with the boyfriend of slain Long Island native Gabby Petito comes as police receive tips that Laundrie may be traversing the trail, the world’s longest footpath.

“There is no doubt in my mind I spoke to Brian Laundrie — none whatsoever,” said Davis, 53.

“Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter sent me an audio file of Brian’s voice and the voice was the same I heard.”

A lost and dazed man allegedly waved down Davis on Waterville Road, where the Appalachian Trail runs near the border of North Carolina and Tennessee.

The Appalachians is understood to be an area familiar to Laundrie, who was previously reported to have once lived there “by himself for months.”

The man believed to be Laundrie pulled his car up alongside Davis to ask for directions to California using only back roads and refused Davis’ suggestion to take nearby Interstate 40.

Davis, a father of four currently hiking the Appalachian Trail, said the Laundrie lookalike acted skittish and rambled about being in a fight with his girlfriend.

Davis said he believes that if the man was Laundrie, he was “wigged out” from being on the run and the situation with Petito.

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