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March 7, 2022

Catfish Backfire! Undatable Woman Calls Most Men Stupid Gets ROASTED For HUGE Lack Of Self Awareness

TheQuartering [3/7/2022]

According to the NewYorkPost:

A woman has made it her mission to expose the “stupidity” of men by setting up a fake profile to reverse catfish men on Hinge.

Tasha Yiann has been documenting the process on her TikTok page, explaining that she’d been prompted to set up a fake profile after having so much disappointment on her own dates.

“I am reverse cat fishing men on Hinge,” she explained.

“The pictures on my profile are of me however the personality is not mine.

“I am a nihilistic existentialist but the girl in the profile is a super cool, super chill, doesn’t take herself too seriously kind of girl.”

While the profile she set up is “massively ironic,” Tasha added that “most men are stupid and are unable to detect the irony that is quite obvious”.

In fact, the fake profile has attracted so much attention from men on the app that every day she wakes up to “hundreds of matches.”

“I’ve been on dating apps for eight years as myself — nobody has ever responded to me like this,” she sighed.

“No-one gives a s**t about what I have to say. This dumb dumb character that I’ve created — they want to go out with her.

“I know we all joke when we say men just want a stupid girl who will follow them around but apparently so.

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