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October 11, 2021

Children’s Charity REJECTS $70,000 Donation From Jordan Peterson Over Politics?!?

TheQuartering [10/11/2021]

The children don’t need the money, apparently.

According to PM:

Dr. Jordan Peterson’s effort to raise money for charity through the sale of comic book-themed t-shirts netted the effort some $70,000 in donations. However, one of the two charity organizations Peterson chose rejected the donation.

In April, Jordan Peterson found himself parodied onto Red Skull in “Captain America Vol 9 #28,” prompting him to run donation drive with a Red Skull-themed line of t-shirts, with the proceeds intended to go to charity.

In the Captain America comic, the villain Red Skull becomes a twisted caricature of Peterson, sharing a version of “10 rules for life,” parodying Peterson’s popular book. In the comic, Red Skull’s book includes phrases like “the feminist trap” and “chaos and order.”

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