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December 17, 2021

CNN Has A MAJOR Creep Infestation! Shocking New Text Messages Reveal

TheQuartering [12/16/2021]

According to Oplindia:

Days after CNN producer John Griffin was arrested on allegations of raping minor girls, another controversy has rocked the US-based media house. Project Veritas, a US journalism venture, has published graphic texts and videos in which a CNN producer fantasises about molesting his own fiancee’s daughter. The CNN producer apparently also sought to solicit sexually explicit photographs from his fiancee’s teenage daughter, according to the undercover video and text message.

The text messages and videos were reportedly obtained by one Janine Banani, a case manager for human trafficking victims, as well as those of domestic violence and sexual assault. Banani was involved in a relationship with the accused CNN producer for over a decade.

Banani said that it was a hard decision to make but she decided to help the teenager as she too was a victim of sexual assault when she was 13-years-old. She added that initially she thought of handing over the information to the concerned authorities but went to Project Veritas as she was worried that the authorities might fail to take appropriate action against the CNN producer.

She reportedly told the US journalism venture that she “felt disgusted” and felt the need to come forward because “these people with power seem to get away with it.”

“I feel disgusted. I feel dirty and I reply (to the texts) you know, it’s, it’s your girl’s kid like your girlfriend’s kid. Usually, every time we text, it’s always about him wanting to see me and a stepdaughter together,” she confessed, adding that the accused CNN producer exchanged chats where he envisioned indulging in sexual acts with his fiancee’s teenage daughter.

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