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October 13, 2021

Disney Puts MUZZLE On SJW Marvel Employees! Told To Stop Arguing With Fans & It’s Hurting Sales

TheQuartering [10/13/2021]

Marvel & DC seem to have muzzled their SJW comic writers!

According to BoundingIntoComics:

A new rumor suggests that Disney and Warner Bros. have gotten fed up with what their Marvel and DC Comics employees, respectively, are saying on social media.

That is the rumor put forth by YouTube commentator Perch, of the aptly named Comics by Perch channel, who believes that the individual social media policies of these companies are shifting in the background, and that these shifts will eventually lead to a sort of domino effect across the industry.

Perch asserts that this change is coming based on recent information shared with him by an inside Marvel source who informed the YouTuber that both Marvel’s park revenue and their contracted business agreements are down in the last two years – though these particular metrics have objectively been on a downward trajectory for quite some time.

He then explains the concept of a “double bump”, which on a basic level refers to the concept of a company laying people off in two phases, each buffered by periods of restructuring with a reduced staff. This usually occurs when stocks take a big tumble at the markets.

Such ‘double bumps’ happen all the time and almost always take the public by surprise, with news of multi-phase lay offs inevitably giving the impression of a sluggish recovery, even if the company remains substantially profitable.

We already saw this process take place at DC in 2020, when the publisher held multiple rounds of layoffs across the year, all of which were aimed at purging most of the publisher’s redundancies, editorial staff, and figureheads, including such top executives as Bob Harras and Dan DiDio.

Those decisions were believed to be corporate ones handed down directly from WarnerMedia and unrelated to anyone’s conduct, least of all their behavior on social media.

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