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October 3, 2023

Disney Revealed To Be Pushing LGBTQ Propaganda In WHOPPING Percentage Of Kids Movies Woke Netflix #2

TheQuartering [10/3/2023]

According to BoundingIntoComics:

It’s that time of the year again, the time were LGBTQ watchdog organization GLAAD rates major Hollywood studios on just how LGBTQ content they are squeezing into their films and television content.

Responsible for the increasing push of gay, transgender, and non-binary content produced for big and small screens across the world, GLAAD CEO Sarah Kate Ellis is the face and voice behind Hollywood’s largest LGBTQ lobby

For the last ten years, GLAAD has conducted an annual Studio Responsibility Index which track just how woke Hollywood is and while every major studio is pushing LGBTQ content, some major studios in the eyes of GLAAD is doing a better job than others.

“Of the 350 films released theatrically and on tracked streaming services by the ten distributors counted in 2022, 100 (28.5 percent) were LGBTQ-inclusive,” GLAAD reveals in their report, noting that this is “the highest percentage and number recorded in this report.”

This report shows an 8 percent increase in LGBTQ representation from last year’s report, GLAAD further specified.

“Of the 100 LGBTQ-inclusive films released in 2022, 55 (55 percent) included gay men, 45 (45 percent) included lesbians, 21 (21 percent) included bisexual+ characters, 12 (12 percent) included transgender characters, and 17 (17 percent) included queer characters that don’t fall specifically into those other labels,” the report also revealed.

The report shows that the genre of Comedy and Drama had over 40% of their film be “LGBTQ-inclusive” which is two times as many as the #3 genre of Horror.

When the report goes deeper into what studios are responsible for putting more gay and transgender characters on screen, Disney and Netflix are the two studios leading the rainbow charge.

The Walt Disney Company scored 41% (the second highest rating in the report) for featuring 24 “LGBTQ-inclusive” films out of 59. With a total of 107 films in 2022, Netflix received a “Fair” rating with a 22% which amounts to 24 “LGBTQ-inclusive” films, matching Disney in the number of films “LGBTQ-inclusive” films.

Disney and Netflix feature the most “LGBTQ-inclusive” films out of any other studios.

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