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September 28, 2021

Epic Backfire! Woman Fired After Dog Park Altercation By Known Grifter & Ex-Boss Gets Backlash!

TheQuartering [9/28/2021]

People are crazy.

According to PM:

The CEO of Bevy fired one of his employees after she was publicly shamed following an alleged altercation at a Brooklyn dog park. The woman who was fired, Emma Sarley, was terminated by Bevy after allegations that she was behaving in a racist manner at McCarren Park in Williamsburg.

The story was presented on social media by New York Times bestselling author Frederick Joseph, who said Sarley was racist toward him. Anderson fired Sarley based on Joseph’s apparent recommendation. Two powerful men conspired to deprive a woman of her livelihood and reputation.

However, for all his grandstanding, Derek Anderson, that CEO who let Sarley go, has his own behavior to account for.

While he had no sympathy for his employee, he did come out suggesting that forgiveness was in order for AngelHack CEO Greg Gopman in 2013, after Gopman was shamed on social media for saying that San Francisco was turning into a disgusting, horrible place. This was a truth for which Gopman later apologized.

His initial remarks, saying that “…there is nothing more grotesque than walking down market st in San Francisco” and asking “Why the heart of our city has to be overrun by crazy, homeless, drug dealers, dropouts,” caused a social media backlash for which Bevy suggested Gopman should be forgiven. When it came to empathy for his own employee, for a situation about which the details are not fully known, he did not have the same open heart.

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