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March 8, 2022

Epic Fail! Salty Developers SLAM Elden Ring Success Forced To Hide After Revealing Where They Work!

TheQuartering [3/8/2022]

According to GameBraves:

Two developers from Ubisoft and Guerilla Games (Horizon Forbidden West) have locked their twitter accounts, after a conversation featuring them complaining about Elden Ring went viral.

In the now-removed tweets, UX director at Ubisoft Ahmed Salama made a criticism against Elden Ring’s UI.

“The fact that [Elden Ring] scored a 97 on Metacritic is proof that reviewers don’t give a flaming poop about Game UI. My life is a lie”, he tweeted.

This sentiment was added on to by Guerilla Games Quest Designer Blake Rebouche, who also criticized the game’s quest design.

“Nor quest design, really”, he says.

Both developers have since locked their Twitter accounts, preventing anyone from seeing their tweets, but not before screenshots of the conversation were spread all over Twitter.

Elden Ring has had From Software’s most successful launch ever, and it’s bound to attract some criticism. On any other day, the criticism could have been accepted as just that- coming from two experts of their craft, too.

However Salama’s initial tweet reeked of sour grapes, and many fans have been calling them out on just that- especially considering Rebouche’s game, Horizon Forbidden West, had just launched a week prior with Elden Ring inching it out on metacritic.

While it naturally did incur some fanboys, thankfully some fans have been quick to express the truth- that actually, multiple good games can exist independently of each other.

“Your game got an 88 on metacritic and you’re mad another one did better”, writes one Twitter user. “Why not just enjoy a great game and not complaing [sic]. This is such weak energy. Elden Ring is a masterpiece. People love Horizon FW as well. Chill”.

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