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September 28, 2021

Epic Karma Win! SJW Tries Cancelling Man With Lies & Ends Up Losing It All

TheQuartering [9/27/2021]

She tried to get away with it.

According to BoundingIntoComics:

ArenaNet and Guild Wars 2 Lead Game Designer Jennifer Scheurle falsely accused an innocent man of being responsible for a recent vehicular assault incident involving two Black Lives Matter protestors in Seattle.

She also accused this man of white supremacy and unapologeticaly shared his real name and declared that β€œhe is dangerous.”

In the early morning hours of July 4th, Black Lives Matter protestors continued to occupy the I-5 freeway in Seattle for the 19th day in a row, shutting down traffic entirely and blocking access from on ramps with their own vehicles.

Yet, one car managed to move past these barriers and drive on to the freeway, eventually barreling into a crowd of protestors and severely injuring two individuals.

Following the public release of the accident footage, Scheurle took to Twitter to blame the incident on right wing extremism, President Donald Trump, and white supremacy.

She wrote, β€œI came here because I wanted to report to you about a white supremacist attack on #BLM protesters in Seattle last night by driving a car into a small crowd, hitting two women and injuring them gravely.”

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