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August 30, 2022

Epic SJW Boycott Fail! Harry Potter Video Games Sells Out In Seconds! Hogwarts Legacy Wins!

TheQuartering [8/30/2022]

According to Dextero:

The Harry Potter fanbase is divided on social media due to recent online discourse about whether or not gamers should boycott the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy title.

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most anticipated releases for 2022. However, the Harry Potter community has vocally been divided on the upcoming title, with many calling on gamers to boycott it altogether. With pre-orders for the Collectors Edition of the game selling out in minutes, the debate is now more rampant than ever.

The reason for fans wanting to boycott the game is due to Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling’s history of public transphobic comments that she has continued to double down on. In the last few years, JK Rowling has come out and spoken openly and candidly about the trans community, her comments hurting many for being outwardly transphobic. As a result, the Harry Potter brand – as well as its legion of fans – have done everything in its power to distance from the author.

Now with Hogwarts Legacy set to release in six months’ time, the Harry Potter fanbase is torn on whether or not to support the game. Online discourse across Twitter had the game trending for this exact reason however, the discussion is only growing and becoming more intense.

On one hand, Harry Potter fans are speaking out against Rowling’s transphobic comments, voicing that this is just one of the “many reasons” they will not be buying the game. To add to this, others are bringing in the “separate the art from the artist” discussion as a way to show support for the game without directly supporting Rowling and her statements.

One Twitter user wrote how the profits Rowling will make off the game will be used to “further push her bigoted agenda.” Others also bring to attention the checkered past some of the head devs have when it comes to their views on female representation.

For Harry Potter fans who are eagerly anticipating this release, they are voicing their fears of being called a “piece of sh*t” for wanting to buy the game. Some then challenged others by asking if they boycott other big parent companies who are similarly shrouded in controversy.

Long-time Harry Potter fans are also highlighting how a person’s attachment to the series from a young age isn’t something that should be held against them. That those who do decide to buy the game shouldn’t immediately be labeled as enabling Rowling’s transphobic agenda.

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