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April 19, 2022

Ethan Klein Just Lost ALL His Sponsors On The H3 Podcast & Turns On His Own Fans!

TheQuartering [4/19/2022]

According to Insider:

Another victory has supposedly been claimed for Daniel “Keemstar” Keem in the war between the YouTube drama reporter and his online nemesis Ethan Klein of h3h3Productions. But Keem insists the battle wasn’t his own, and he’s encouraging his supporters to stop the warfare before it becomes a precedent in the community.

Specifically, an anonymous anti-Klein Twitter user named “Hotep Albania” is claiming that the P&G brand Old Spice terminated its sponsorship of Klein after they exchanged DMs with Old Spice’s official Twitter account. Hotep Albania posted screenshots of the conversation, although Business Insider could not confirm their legitimacy, and screenshots can be easily faked or manipulated. 

Business Insider reached out to representatives of Old Spice, as well as Klein, Keem, and Hotep Albania to try and verify the screenshots or confirm that a sponsorship was terminated, but did not receive any responses. 

However, another popular YouTuber in the commentary community who goes by Scarce and has nearly 3 million subscribers says that Klein privately confirmed to him that Old Spice did terminate his sponsorship.

Additionally, Keem quote-tweeted Hotep Albania’s screenshots and asked his followers to “NOT GO AFTER ANY OF H3H3 sponsors!” Klein replied to Keem’s tweet, and while he didn’t confirm or deny the Old Spice termination, he added his own screenshot of Keem going after another person’s sponsorship himself in 2019. 

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