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May 19, 2022

Facebook Employees BUSTED Trading “Favors” With eGirls For Unbanning Instagram Pages

TheQuartering [5/19/2022]

According to TheDailyDot:

When Instagram cracks down on a profile for violating its policies, it can be game over. But one OnlyFans creator says she found an unconventional way to get her banned account restored— sleeping with Meta (formerly known as Facebook) employees.

Twitter user and No Jumper podcast host Adam (@adam22) shared the video on Twitter on Wednesday where Lixo reveals the “sluttiest thing she’s ever done.”

In the video, Lixo explains that when her Instagram was shut down the first time, she began sleeping with her guy friend who worked at Instagram in order to get it back. 

“And he did, which was really nice of him,” she says. 

Lixo told the Daily Dot the first time her account got taken down, she had no idea what it was for. 

“The first guy I hooked up with put in an internal review and told me it was for sexual solicitation and then he appealed it because there was no solicitation on the page—my [Onlyfans] link is in a Linktree in my bio which is what most girls do,” Lixo wrote via Instagram direct message. To those unfamiliar, a Linktree is a one-stop-shop link that can link out to other websites from one webpage. 

Lixo then claimed the appeal got denied but that her friend reopened a new case. “After opening a new case he eventually got a person who actually said no, we didn’t shut down your account bc of solicitation it was bc your account was hacked. And then I reset everything.” 

“So there doesn’t seem to be a lot of uniformity in decision-making internally,” she wrote.

In Adam’s video, Lixo explained Instagram’s alleged review process to the No Jumper podcast hosts. 

“[My friend] taught me the process basically of when you get your Instagram account shut down and which departments work on which things,” she explained.  “So basically, he told me the integrity department is up for reviews.” 

According to Lixo, she went to her friend’s LinkedIn profile and searched up his Instagram connections until she found the ones working at the Integrity Department at Instagram. After messaging them about her account in vain, she decided to “stalk them” on Instagram. 

“I contacted them on my Instagram like my backup but still slutty account and I managed to find a couple, not from that department but still people that worked in Instagram in L.A.,” she says in the video. Eventually, she found a couple to meet up with who were already familiar with her podcast, Girls Gone Wireless, and all she had to do was reach out as her internet persona. 

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