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January 21, 2022

Gender Advocates MELTDOWN On Dr. Phil After FAILING To Define What A Woman Is

TheQuartering [1/20/2022]

According to Meaww:

Conservative podcaster Matt Walsh was hailed on social media after confronting trans activists during a gender identity debate on a recent episode of Dr Phil about the definition of womanhood.

Walsh challenged two LGBTQ+ gender advocates — identified only as Ethan and Addison — about introducing transgenderism to children, gender pronouns, and what it meant to be a woman. The conservative commentator appeared to stump the activists as they were unable to define the term woman while declaring “transgender women are women.”

“Can you tell me what a woman is?” Walsh asked the trans activists.

“No I can’t because it’s not for me to say,” responded Ethan, who identifies as non-binary transmasculine. “Womanhood looks different for everybody.”

Meanwhile, Addison asked Walsh to define what a woman was according to him. He responded by saying a woman was an adult human female with a specific set of reproductive organs. “When you’re female it goes right down to your bones, your DNA, so that’s why if someone dies we could dig up their bones a hundred years from now… we have no idea what they believed in their head but we could tell what sex they were because it’s ingrained in every fiber of their being,” he explained.

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