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September 4, 2022

Gina Carano FORCED Off Twitter By INSANE Leftists But It Will Backfire!

TheQuartering [9/4/2022]

According to PiratesAndPrincesses:

When actress Gina Carano was unceremoniously fired from The Mandalorian fans were outright furious. The actress co-starred as the galactic mercenary Cara Dune and was a fan favorite of the series. Gina was fired shortly after making a tweet about how people turn on each other like people turned on the Jewish citizens living in Nazi Germany.

Many suspected that she was “let go” due to her political leanings as the actress is a known conservative. Yet it is quite hypocritical when other Lucasfilm actors say things that can be taken the wrong way, but because they “lean in the right direction” they get ignored.

Since then the actress has teamed up with Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire and starred in Terror on the Prairie earlier this year. Now she has another film, a political drama called My Son Hunter, set to release September 7th.

However, just ahead of the film’s release something very surprising occurred. On the evening of Friday, September 2nd, some fans noticed that the actress’ Twitter Account, an account with over 1 Million followers, was completely erased from the platform. 

The account’s deletion was very sudden and without warning. The timing of the deletion is somewhat questionable as the film My Son Hunter, a political drama about the supposed corruption of Hunter Biden, son of current U.S. President Joe Biden, is set to release next week.

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