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April 29, 2022

Huge Layoffs At Netflix After DISASTEROUS Year & Ex-Employees RAGE On Twitter!

TheQuartering [4/29/2022]

According to TheNewYorkPost:

Angry Netflix employees took to Twitter Thursday after learning they had been laid off at the streaming giant, home to hit shows like “Inventing Anna,” “Squid Game” and “Bridgerton.”

Although the exact number of layoffs could not be immediately learned, many of the employees were writers or editors working for Netflix’s Tudum division, which was launched in December.

“Well. I just was laid off from a significant contract originally intended through August so I’m looking for stable work… and rent. I need rent,” wrote one employee.

“Uh oh! Looks like I have to do this tweet again. Is anyone hiring? Netflix just laid off my team (my job included). It was an incredible few months and I’m grateful for it but I’m stoked about whatever’s next. Email is in bio,” another tweeted.

The layoffs came from the Tudum division and included a mix of staff and contractors, according to a source with knowledge. One insider told The Post that more layoffs could be on the way, and that non-core projects like Queue, a magazine-like publication about Netflix projects, could be next on the chopping block.

A company spokeswoman declined to comment on the situation but added: “Our fan website Tudum is an important priority for the company.”

Tudum, which is a nod to the sound that accompanies the Netflix’s logo when subscribers open the streaming site, was a division that focused on news and stories related to the service’s most popular shows and movies.

Roughly 10-15 employees put out virtual “Help Wanted” signs on Twitter, after getting their pink slips.

“Just got laid off from Netflix/Tudum, effective today,” tweeted writer Reina Sultan. “Email me with opportunities at [email protected] so I can pay my rent and help my parents survive! A bunch of my incredible colleagues got laid off, too. You’d be incredibly lucky to work with any of them.”

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