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February 18, 2022

Hypocrisy Revealed! Gamer Identifies As Black & Gets Banned From Everything!

TheQuartering [2/17/2022]

According to SportsSeeda:

American streamer and YouTuber Jerry Banfield recently made controversial comments because of which Facebook Gaming cut ties with the streamer. Jerry identified himself as a black individual despite being Caucasian and made explicit comments as he live-streamed.

The controversial take from Jerry Banfield was reported by the Esports commentator and caster Jake Lucky on Twitter.

The term ‚ÄúStar Trek” like world, which Jake Lucky refers to, refers to how society is depicted in the fantasy genre, where every multi-ethnic member of the crew can be seen as one, without any differences in their racial and gender background.

Earlier today, as Jerry Banfield played and streamed Call of Duty: Warzone for his fans and audiences on Facebook Gaming, he made a very controversial post on Facebook where he identified himself as black and wanted to be a part of the ongoing “Black History Month.”

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