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May 14, 2022

I Am Moving!

TheQuartering [5/13/2022]

According to CoffeeBrandCoffee:

After years of sitting on the sidelines and watching powerlessly as everything from big budget Disney Movies to Ice Cream & Even Comic Books forced politics onto their customers in ways that at best divided them and at worst outright attacked them founder Jeremy Hambly decided to do something about it.

Enter Coffee Brand Coffee. Built By Creating Direct-Trade Partnerships with many coffee producers that use sustainable coffee growing standards. These producers are concerned with soil prevention, clean water practices, and maintaining a quality standard of living for their workers. By paying a premium price for quality, and sourcing from small farms and co-ops that focus on sustainability, market forces lead to the best situation for growers, roasters and coffee lovers – and most importantly, we feel that this dedication to quality should be obvious when you have CoffeeBrandCoffee in your cup.

No tweets about International Men’s Day, No Tweets about International Women’s Day (We may celebrate International Cat Day). Just tweets about our coffee & how our nearly 20 new flavors are developing, about our upcoming tea line & even hot cocoa.

We don’t want your vote, we want your business and are committed to earning it & keeping it forever.


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