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October 29, 2021

Insanity! Outrage Calling Michael Myers To Be CANCELLED For ABSURD Reason In New Halloween Movie

TheQuartering [10/28/2021]

He kills a lot of people.

According to FoxNews:

One of Halloween’s staple villains, Michael Myers, is being branded as “homophobic” in the latest iteration of the “Halloween” horror movie franchise. 

“Michael Myers is homophobic,” reads one comment on Twitter, another states, “HALLOWEEN KILLS WAS SO GOOD BUT WHY DID MICHAEL HAVE TO KILL THE ONE GAY COUPLE.”

“Halloween Kills” was released last week, and features a scene where the bloodthirsty serial killer murders a gay couple. 

The tweets appear to have been written in jest, but they, and others like them, have opened the floodgates of criticisms on the claim and debate on whether the fictional murderer could be “homophobic.” 

One LGBTQ publication, Gaymer, also posted an op-ed squelching claims that the notorious villain is homophobic, noting that “the way he handles the death of the gay couple in the latest film feels no different to how he butchers Bob, Annie and Lynda in the original Halloween.” 

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