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September 20, 2021

Instant Karma Captain Marvel Writer Told Us To Not Buy Her Book Now Lamenting The Collapse Of Comics

TheQuartering [9/20/2021]

I wonder why comic books are having trouble?

According to BoundingIntoComics:

Former Captain Marvel writer Kelly Sue DeConnick lamented the state of the comic book industry after previously telling people not to buy her books.

If you recall, DeConnick spoke to SyFy Wire back in October 2017 where she stated, “And if you don’t like my politics, don’t buy my book.”

Later in the interview she added, “I’m going to make the book that I’m going to make and if you don’t want to read them; don’t read them.”

In a recently discovered interview from 2019 with YouTube channel Nerd News with Destiny, DeConnick lamented the state of the comic book industry.

DeConnick and her husband, Matt Fraction, were asked, “Did you think comics would be this, sort of, phenomenon that it is currently?”

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