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March 6, 2022

Instant Regret! George Takei Demands Americans Pay More For Gas To Own Russia & Gets CRUSHED

TheQuartering [3/5/2022]

According to TheWrap:

“Star Trek” actor George Takei’s tweet asking Americans to endure paying a little more for food and gasoline as a result of sanctions President Biden imposed on Russia since its invasion of Ukraine caught fire on Twitter Saturday — and that fire is as hot-headed as you probably suspected.

“Americans: We can endure higher prices for food and gas if it means putting the screws to Putin,” Takei tweeted Friday. “Consider it a patriotic donation in the fight for freedom over tyranny.”

Twitter users flocked to Takei’s tweet to express their opinion of his suggestion, with many bashing his perceived wealth in a “HE can endure higher prices” but the average working-class American cannot kind of way. On the opposite side of the argument, Takei’s supporters pointed out that he and his family were sent to Japanese internment camps in Arkansas and California during WWII, so he knows the repercussion of people remaining silent when they should be speaking up.

“Everyone who is slamming George Takei for this tweet can get stuffed,” one user wrote. “He and his family endured internment in a Japanese camp in the US. He knows what happens when people look the other way, make excuses.”

Several others expressed support in the same vein.

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