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October 26, 2023

Instant Regret! Only Fans Girl Claims She Lost Everything But The TWIST Is Even More Pathetic

TheQuartering [10/26/2023]

According to Dextero:

A bar owner has been left “devastated” after she was forced to close shop despite using OnlyFans to help keep her business afloat.

Inflation has been having a negative impact on businesses all across the globe, with the UK no exception to these rising prices.

According to the NPR, more than 11,000 UK businesses were forced to close in 2022 alone. And one of them is bar owner Lauren Beers.

Beers was forced to make the “devastating” decision to close her bar last weekend, Waggon and Horses, despite doing all she could to keep afloat — including starting an OnlyFans account.

Taking to Instagram, Beers shared the news she’d always dreaded; “To keep funding a failing business would be silly – and I’m done.”

“When I tell you I’ve slogged my guts out and tried everything in my power to make my business work, I truly mean it,” she said. “I’ve not drawn a wage since Covid, I’ve worked part-time jobs to try and fund my own bills so I didn’t have to take anything out of the business, heck I even started selling [nudes] to try and help.”

Admitting that “devastated” was an understatement, Beers thanked those who had supported her business venture; “I can’t thank you all enough for being on this journey with me, and without this and the spicy side of things, quite simply my business would have closed 12 months ago.. so thank you.”

Beers’ followers rushed to her comments to offer their condolences and some words of comfort, with one person writing, “When one door closes, another will open! You’ll look back at this as a blessing one day.”

Another said, “I can see the sadness in your eyes. What an extremely difficult decision that must have been! It takes some serious guts and courage to have made this choice. You should be proud of your strength!”

Luckily for those still hoping to support Beers, it doesn’t look like she is planning to end her OnlyFans venture anytime soon; “You’ve all supported me, and I hope you continue to do so — cause you can’t get rid of me that easily!!”

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