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May 27, 2022

Introducing “Period Crunch” The Most Woke & Stomach Churning Cereal Ever

TheQuartering [5/27/2022]

According to DesignTaxi:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, period. And while having meals in the morning has been normalized by families for years, menstruation—a natural, bodily function that’s existed since the dawn of humanity—remains rife with stigma.

Cue ‘Period Crunch’, a bloody wholesome breakfast cereal that brings the idea of periods to the table, literally. Launched by Swedish women’s intimate health brand Intimina, it serves to be a conversation starter so talking about menstrual wellbeing is normalized in everyday life.

Instead of spheres and doughnuts, Period Crunch is, of course, shaped like uteruses. The raspberry-flavored cereal is bright red, and its color stains the milk too.

The breakfast item was created following a survey of over 2,000 adults that revealed nearly half of people were embarrassed to talk about periods, with nearly 80% having never discussed menstruation in everyday settings at home, Yahoo Life UK reports. Further, 82% of participants did not know where the uterus was.

Period Crunch’s decorative packaging is illustrated with diagrams of the female reproductive tract, as well as includes statistics about menstruation talk.

By bringing the period-inspired cereal to the table, Intimina hopes families can feel more comfortable with opening up about this entirely natural process.

Intimina, which specializes in products like menstrual cups and pelvic floor trainers, isn’t selling the cereal. However, those keen on getting their hands on Period Crunch can email [email protected] to enquire about availability.

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