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February 23, 2022

Joe Rogan BLASTS Joe Biden & Is Forced To Get Armed Guards To Protect Family! Spotify Silent!

TheQuartering [2/23/2022]

According to TheSun:

PODCAST superstar Joe Rogan has hired an “elite” armed security team to protect him and his family amid the bitter backlash against his show. 

The Sun can reveal that an armed guard is parked up outside the Spotify podcaster’s $14.4million eight-bed home in Austin, Texas, around the clock. 

“Armed and dangerous” guards are also said to be positioned inside the property, which is monitored by CCTV. 

It comes as Rogan’s coverage of the Covid pandemic and vaccines and his use of the N-word on The Joe Rogan Experience sparked a furious reaction from his critics. 

Dad-of-two Rogan, his wife Jessica, and their kids moved to their Austin home, where he also records his podcast, nearly two years ago after leaving California.

A source with knowledge of the matter told The Sun: “Joe wants his family to be safe more than anything.

“There’s sometimes a dozen people a day turning up at the property to take selfies or to drop things off in his letterbox.

“Obviously any crazy could turn up and try anything. He’s got supporters as well as enemies, it’s fair to say.

“Having the security team there is pre-emptive just in case things take a turn for the worse.

“People come from all over the country just to visit his house. 

“It’s pretty wild and he doesn’t want anything to ever get out of hand, especially now after the Covid stuff.

“There are guys inside the house as well as outside.

“He gets high-profile people there too who also need protection because it’s where he records his show.

“It’s just better to be safe than be sorry.”

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