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February 28, 2022

Joe Rogan Just DEMOLISHED Bill Gates & Samuel L. Jackson BLASTS The Spotify Podcast Host

TheQuartering [2/28/2022]

According to Dexerto:

During the JRE podcast, Joe Rogan argued that Bill Gates has no right to lecture people on healthy diets. The UFC commentator called out the Microsoft billionaire for having a “dough” body.

Emerging from a whirlwind of controversies at the beginning of February 2022, Joe Rogan has shown no signs of slowing down when it comes to diving into serious topics. In JRE episode #1784, the Spotify host took aim at Bill Gates.

While discussing diet research, he hit out at the Microsoft co-founder for pushing plant-based alternatives as a sole replacement for meat. Rogan argued that the 66-year-old billionaire shouldn’t be lecturing others due to his “pi** poor” health.

For the latest JRE podcast, the comedian sat down with dietician Diana Rodgers and Biochemist Rob Wolf to discuss the modern trend of research pushing for the elimination of all meat from daily diets. The conversation then shifted to Bill Gates being one of the main proponents of these studies.

In response, Rogan questioned whether the billionaire was making a profit. “Bill Gates keeps saying we got to eat less meat. And we got to cut our consumption of meat out to be healthy. And that we are going to get used to these meat alternatives,” he said. “When a guy like that says that I’m like, “are you making money because of this? Why are you saying that?”

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