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February 13, 2022

Joe Rogan Just Got REMOVED As UFC Commentator By Disney & ESPN! Jake Paul & Jon Stewart Defend

TheQuartering [2/12/2022]

According to FanSided:

Joe Rogan will not be making any iconic calls for UFC 271.

Joe Rogan is one voice that is synonymous with mixed martial arts. Fans recognize some of his iconic calls across the years in the UFC. However, he will not be calling UFC 271 which features a major title bout between Israel Adesanya and Robert Whittaker.

News broke on Friday that Rogan would not be at UFC 271. He was originally planned to be a part of the team with Jon Anik and Daniel Cormier, but that changed at the end of the week.

MMA Fighting reported on Friday that UFC issued a statement citing a “scheduling conflict” as the cause of his absence and he will be back for UFC 272.

Even with that statement, there’s speculation that Rogan was pulled due to the growing controversy surrounding his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. Rogan’s show continues to be marred in backlash due to several guests spreading “misinformation” and multiple videos surfacing where he repeatedly used racial slurs.

He has since apologized for both situations, but there is still a push for Spotify to do more about the matter. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek condemned Rogan’s use of racial slurs but has confirmed that his content will not be removed.

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