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April 5, 2022

Jon Stewart Just Got DEMOLISHED For BASHING White Farmers

TheQuartering [4/5/2022]

According to the NationalReview:

Welcome back to “Forgotten Fact-Checks,” a weekly column produced by National Review’s News Desk. This week we detail the decline of the always-bad Jon Stewart, force ourselves to stare at the horror in Ukraine, and hit more media misses. 

Jon Stewart’s Sad Descent from Bad to Worse

Jon Stewart, formerly of the Daily Show, has come out of retirement to make a mockery of his comedic legacy on The Problem with Jon Stewart, which airs on Apple TV+. 

Having shown himself willing to break with the orthodoxy of the great and good by endorsing the then-blasphemous Covid lab-leak theory in June, Stewart demonstrated during a recent episode of his new program that his independent streak doesn’t extend to the third-rail issue of race relations.

Still committed to the blind partisanship and bad faith that made him famous in the first place, Stewart took his game to the next level in a recent episode featuring independent journalist Andrew Sullivan.

The conversation, which also featured two parrots of Stewart’s position, was centered around white supremacy and its historical effects. After beginning with a simplistic, moralizing monologue, Stewart lost his temper when Sullivan pushed back on the idea that the United States is, at present, “white supremacist,” erroneously claiming that Sullivan had submitted that the country was not racist at all.

He went on to argue that Sullivan was not “living in the same f***ing country as we are,” and to call him a “motherf***er,” mischaracterizing nearly every word out of Sullivan’s mouth in the process.

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