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March 14, 2023

Jordan Peterson SHOCKS The Internet With BIZZARE Tweet But Then Goes Full SAVAGE Mode!

TheQuartering [3/13/2023]

According to Vice:

Psychologist, former professor, and self-help author Jordan Peterson retweeted a fetish video of a penis milking porn clip on Saturday—seemingly duped into believing that it was footage from inside a Chinese communist sperm-extraction factory. 

The tweet, from user @songpinganq who frequently posts supposed videos of Chinese state surveillance, said “What’s going on in China? Three Children Policy?” with a clip from a fetish porn shoot of a row of people lying on a table getting their dicks sucked by pumps dangling overhead.

Peterson quote-tweeted it, writing, “Such fun in unbelievable techno-nightmare CCP hell.” The implication, it seems, is that the Chinese Communist Party is running dystopian bondage forced ejaculation clinics. Or something! 

The tweet and Peterson’s response instantly went viral, with the moment earning its own Know Your Meme page in what has to be record time. @songpinganq apologized a few hours after Peterson’s quote-tweet, saying that they stumbled into the video on WeChat and believed it to be a real sperm bank.

“I found this video on WeChat and they said this is China’s collection room for sperm bank,” they said. “Turns out that this video is from UK.” 

Some sperm banks in China do use machines to help people jerk off into cups, but those look a lot more sterile, and are basically motorized Fleshlights housed in plastic—not the Matrix-green fetish milking room that they originally implied was an invention of the Chinese government.

The moment resulted in a post on Reddit’s r/outoftheloop subreddit stating “What is the deal with Jordan Peterson tweeting about a ‘Chinese dick-sucking factory?‘” That is, of course, the question.

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