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September 30, 2021

Konami Releases WORST Game In History! eFootball Is An Absolute Disaster

TheQuartering [9/30/2021]

Have you seen the faces?

According to VGC:

According to Steam 250, which assigns Steam games a score determined by whether players give them a positive or negative review, combined with how many players reviewed them, eFootball currently has a score of 8%.

That makes it lower than the previous worst-rated game, 2011’s racing title Flatout 3, which has a score of 15%.

eFootball has been getting unceremoniously slaughtered by Pro Evolution Soccer fans on social media, with many making fun of the game’s likenesses and animations.

The most popular image being shared among players shows Lionel Messi, the game’s cover star, looking significantly less realistic than his FIFA 22 counterpart.

One Twitter user pointed out that EA‘s character model for the Paris St Germain star is far more lifelike, even though Konami scanned Messi’s face and body as part of its partnership with Barcelona, for whom Messi used to play.

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