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April 4, 2022

Leaked Disney Employee Messages Prove Disney Is LYING & They Actually SUPPORT The Florida Bill!

TheQuartering [4/4/2022]

According to PM:

Much noise has been made by Disney corporate and executives about their displeasure with the new Parental Rights in Education law passed in Florida, but many who work at Disney not only see no problem with the law but, like most parents in the state, are in favor of it. Disney corporate had said they would “work to repeal” the state’s anti-grooming law.

The messages were leaked by a cast member to Human Events Daily‘s Jack Posobiec from internal communications boards showing that many Disney employees are in favor of the bill and don’t see it through the propagandist lens of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ political opponents.

These show that the corporate statements claiming that Disney is entirely opposed to Florida’s law that prevents activist teachers from grooming children into adult sexual lifestyle and gender identity conversations are not backed by the employees the executives believe they represent.

Names and photos have been blacked out to protect the employees speaking out, but the messages are from people young and old, are from men and women, and from people who identify as part of the LGBTQ community. The messages were screenshot from internal communication tool

“Let children be children,” one cast member wrote before noting that those who are opposed to the Parental Rights in Education law likely haven’t read it, since their criticisms don’t hold up upon a perusal of the text. “Most everyone is ignorant as to what the actual working of what the bill says and who it applies to. It doesn’t apply to gay or trans. [I]t applies to our education system.”

The cast member notes correctly that the law gives “rights to the parents raising their kids as well as having regulations in our school systems.” The cast member briefly outlines the bill, which says that teachers for students in grades K-3 cannot broaden conversations on gender identity or sex in classroom instruction. For older grades, conversations must be age-appropriate.

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