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January 28, 2022

Marvel Actress CANCELLED For Opposing Mandates! Twitter DEMANDS Ant-Man & Wasp Actress Fired!

TheQuartering [1/28/2022]

According to GiantFreakinRobot:

Evangeline Lily is not the Internet’s favorite person today. The Ant-Man & The Wasp star is currently trending on Twitter for the reveal that she attended a protest against vaccination mandates. Social media is reacting exactly how you would expect it to.

Earlier today, Evangeline Lily posted a series of images to her official Instagram account from an anti-mandate protest in Washington, DC. The protest in question has been noted for, among other things, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. comparing vaccine mandates to the Holocaust. In her lengthy caption, Lilly expresses support for the Canadian trucker protest. She compares vaccine mandates to “violent attack,” “arrest or detention without trial,” and “starvation.” In the crowds of protesters pictured, you will note very few — if any — masked faces. She ends her series of photos with a picture of entrepreneur Naval Ravikant with a quote from the podcaster.

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