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September 10, 2021

Marvel CANCELS New Show For Being Too Woke!

TheQuartering [9/10/2021]

The show was cancelled before it began.

According to Newsweek:

The showrunner from the canceled Marvel TV show, New Warriors, has shared behind-the-scenes footage giving fans a glimpse at some of the comic book characters in live-action.

Kevin Biegel tweeted and deleted a number of posts on Thursday about the series and gave fans a first look at actress Milana Vayntrub in costume as the Marvel Comics superhero, Squirrel Girl.

“Feelin frisky. May do something uncouth,” Biegel initially posted, per

Biegel then explained that the ill-fated show was canceled because it was “too gay.”

He elaborated in a longer post, explaining: “There’s a show we wrote a few years ago. It was very proudly gay. A singular power that be killed the show. Because it was too gay. A rich, straight, Brentwood turd. He got fired for being vile at his company. We, on the other hand, live. #NewWarriors.”

The showrunner shared some more snaps of Vayntrub in costume as well as some videos featuring the character Tippy-Toe that showed cast and crew goofing around on set.

Another clip featured the costume design process that went into making Squirrel Girl’s costume.

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