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July 12, 2022

Marvel Fans DEMAND Trigger Warning For Thor: Love and Thunder! (Get Mocked Ruthlessly)

TheQuartering [7/12/2022]

According to TheNewYorkPost:

While Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have already stormed “Thor: Love and Thunder” to the top of the box office — some of them are freaking out about one “graphic” scene.

Some outraged viewers are petitioning the Marvel to issue a “trigger warning” for one “atrocious” moment featuring a major character.

The brewing backlash has already resulted in some other Marvel diehards dragging the more fragile fans for being “stupid.”

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

In a pivotal scene from the new box office blockbuster, Natalie Portman’s character — scientist Jane Foster — receives the startling news that she has stage four cancer — before donning a superhero suit and becoming the mighty Thor.

There is a plot point in the movie showing Jane undergoing chemotherapy treatments for her illness — and some fans are demanding a warning disclaimer be added to future showings.

The offended parties argue that the scene could be harmful to some who have cancer or know of loved ones who have suffered from the sickness.

“No spoilers, but Thor: Love and Thunder SHOULD have had a trigger warning for graphic depiction of cancer and the fact that we didn’t know going in is atrocious.” a user wrote on Twitter recently.

Another person chimed in: “Peoples reactions to the suggestions of trigger warnings for Thor truly make me realize how cold, disgusting, and cruel humans can be.”

They continued, “People deserve to know what emotions they want to feel when going to potentially have a good time at the movies.”

Another fan pleaded: “Stop misinterpreting and spreading misinformation. These are really sensitive issues and can trigger people. I panicked until I knew the context. PLEASE!”

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