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October 6, 2021

Massive Backlash For Hasan Piker After Twitch Leaks HUGE Salary A Steam Competitor & Source Code!

TheQuarterting [10/6/2021]

Massive Twitch leaks earnings for Hasan, Pokimane, NickMercs, xQc & more! Steam competitor, too!

According to VGC:

An anonymous hacker seemingly leaked the entirety of Twitch earlier today, including its source code and user payout information.

A company source then confirmed to VGC that the leaked data is legitimate and that Twitch is aware of the breach. [UPDATE: Twitch has confirmed the leak is authentic]

One cyber security expert said on Wednesday that, if fully confirmed, the Twitch hack “will be the biggest leak I have ever seen”.

Although it’s since been claimed that the leak doesn’t appear to have any personal account information that may compromise user account safety, it does include information on how much money Twitch has paid to streamers since August 2019.

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