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April 19, 2023

Matt Walsh HACKED & Ben Shapiro Reveals His Life Is In Danger! Full DM’s & Texts To be Released Too

TheQuartering [4/19/2023]

According to Vice:

Walsh, a superstar of the right-wing outrage machine, has threatened to execute doctors who provide healthcare to trans people and called the Pride flag a “hate symbol.”

The Twitter account belonging to notorious far-right troll Matt Walsh, which has 1.7 million followers, appeared to be hacked on Tuesday night, with the attacker posting overtly racist and homophobic tweets.

The hacker also used the opportunity to promote a song called “Sassy Shooters” from an artist named “Gabriel <3” that opens with a man singing the line, “put that dick in my ass.”

While the half dozen posts on Walsh’s hacked account have already been removed, the link to the song remains on Walsh’s profile on Wednesday morning.

Walsh is best-known for producing videos for the Daily Wire, the conservative media company founded by Ben Shapiro. Walsh is a superstar of the right-wing outrage machine; he has used his platform to threaten to execute doctors who provide healthcare to trans people, called the Pride flag a “hate symbol,” and has fantasized about police officers violently beating up drag performers.

The account appears to have been hacked at around 8 p.m. on Tuesday evening. The first tweet posted by the hacker referenced the song: “I ain’t a Gangsta, I’m a Sassy Shoota.”

The hacker then posted a series of tweets about other right-wing figures including Ben Shapiro, Joe Rogan, and Andrew Tate. The hacker also pinned a tweet to the top of Walsh’s account that read: “My pronouns are That/N***a.” 

But potentially even more troubling for the anti-LGBTQ activist than having an explicit song about gay sex linked at the top of his profile, is the fact the hacker posted a picture that suggests they have access to much more than just Walsh’s Twitter account.

The hacker tweeted “My Twitter Isn’t Hacked, This is Just The Real Me Coming Out” alongside a photo of an iPhone screen showing messages that suggest either Walsh’s phone had been stolen or his phone number had been spoofed.

The picture shows a list of messages sent to Walsh’s phone number and suggests that Walsh’s Google and Microsoft accounts were also targeted. The screenshot showed messages from these companies sending codes used in two-factor authentication systems.

Another message from a number that is registered to a Daily Wire executive simply reads: “Your Twitter has been hacked.”

Using text messages in two-factor authentication has repeatedly been shown to be vulnerable to hackers, who are able to use personal information about their targets to convince carriers to switch their account to a new SIM card and therefore receive the codes sent to verify their identity.

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