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October 5, 2021

Media Panic! 3 Pfizer Employees BUSTED By Project Veritas On Tape ADMITTING Some Shocking Things

TheQuartering [10/5/2021]

Project Veritas dropped another report. This time on 3 Pfizer employees.

According to The Yeshiva World:

Project Veritas released a video Monday evening purporting to show three employees of Pfizer saying that antibodies lead to equal, if not better, protection against the virus compared to the vaccine.

“When somebody is naturally immune — like they got COVID — they probably have more antibodies against the virus…When you actually get the virus, you’re going to start producing antibodies against multiple pieces of the virus,” says Nick Karl, Pfizer Scientist. “So, your antibodies are probably better at that point than the [COVID] vaccination.”

Chris Croce, a Pfizer Senior Associate Scientist, said, “You’re protected for longer” if you have natural COVID antibodies compared to the COVID vaccine…I work for an evil corporation…Our organization is run on COVID money.”

Veritas Journalist: “So, I am well-protected [with antibodies]?”
Chris Croce, Pfizer Senior Associate Scientist: “Yeah.”

Veritas Journalist: “Like as much as the vaccine?”

Croce: “Probably more.”

Veritas Journalist: “How so? Like, how much more?”

Croce: “You’re protected most likely for longer since there was a natural response.”

Croce expressed dismay with his company’s direction and moral compass:

Veritas Journalist: “So, what happened to the monoclonal antibody treatments?”

Croce: “[It got] pushed to the side.”

Veritas Journalist: “Why?”

Croce: “Money. It’s disgusting.”

Croce: “I still feel like I work for an evil corporation because it comes down to profits in the end. I mean, I’m there to help people, not to make millions and millions of dollars. So, I mean, that’s the moral dilemma.”

Veritas Journalist: “Isn’t it billions and billions?”

Croce: “I’m trying to be nice.”

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