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October 5, 2023

Men Use WOKE Loophole To Invade & Take Over Woman’s Only Job Fair & It’s Hilarious!

TheQuartering [10/5/2023]

According to TheNYPost:

You didn’t have to be Miss Cleo to see this coming.

In a bid to expose more women to better careers in tech, a female-centric job fair only exposed gender ideology for the farce it is.

The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women kicked off late last month in Orlando, Florida with recruiters from top companies like Amazon, Apple and Google.

But judging by photos and social media footage, the event looked like less of a sisterhood of STEM and more like the running of the Tri-Lambs from “Revenge of the Nerds.”

The place was simply overrun by dweeby dudes in T-shirts, khakis and giant backpacks; fellas — and I mean possessors of XY chromosomes — who gained entry by registering under the rather amorphous “nonbinary” banner.

And the ladies were livid.

“This is a space for women in tech. This is one of the few limited resources that isn’t for you. It’s for us,” said one girl in a TikTok video.

Anchal Katyalm, a software developer at Amazon, aired her grievances on LinkedIn: “It saddens me to see all those cis men attending #GHC23 and misrepresenting their gender.”

An attendee by the name of Manatha J. expressed outrage that the event was not what she expected.

“As a woman who has experienced patriarchic dominance in the tech industry, I hoped the convention would provide a fair chance for me to connect with potential employers,” she said. “A significant number of cis-men allies taking opportunities meant for women and non-binary, a concerning trend that seemed unaddressed by the event organizers.” 

But organizers from Anita B — which, according to the group’s site, aims to diversify tech with women and nonbinary, er humans — did eventually address it. And it was a real case of hating the players, not the game progressives have created.

Chief Impact Officer Cullen White took to the stage and called out the testosterone-filled interlopers.

“Simply put, some of you lied about your gender identity when you registered — as evidenced by the stacks and stacks of resumes you’re passing out,” he said. “You did so because you thought you could come here and take space to get a job.”

But how is this CIO to know and definitively state that what’s on their resume matches the contents of their soul? Perhaps they crafted these CVs when they were feeling a little manly. Gender is fluid, after all. It’s not his place to police who can be on that journey.

And we’ve been told over and over that men do not lie about their gender identity to gain advantages. Some women have been called cancelled for even inching toward that sentiment.

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