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September 11, 2023

Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher CANCELLED By Their Own Woke Leftist Mob

TheQuartering [9/11/2023]

According to USAToday:

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis say they’re sorry for any pain or trauma caused by the character letters they wrote for their “That ’70s Show” co-star Danny Masterson, who was sentenced Thursday to 30 years to life in prison for raping two women.

In a video posted Saturday on Kutcher’s Instagram account, the couple addressed how the letters, which were obtained Friday by The Hollywood Reporter, came about.

Masterson’s family approached the couple after the actor’s conviction in May and asked them to write character letters representing “the person that we knew for 25 years,” Kutcher said.

“The letters were not written to question the legitimacy of the judicial system or the validity of the jury’s ruling,” Kunis said. “We support victims. We have done this historically through work and will continue to do so in the future.”

“They were intended for the judge to read, and not to undermine the testimony of the victims, or to retraumatize them in any way,” Kutcher said. “We would never want to do that. And we’re sorry if that has taken place.”

Added Kunis: “Our heart goes out to every single person who has ever been a victim of sexual assault, sexual abuse or rape.”

Masterston, 47, who starred with Kutcher and Kunis on Fox’s “That ’70s Show” from 1998 to 2006, received the maximum sentence allowed by law from Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Charlaine F. Olmedo. The victims had testified that the actor drugged and violently raped them at his home in 2003, when he was at the height of his fame. The two women described their suffering at the time and in the years since.

Masterson will be eligible for parole after 25½ years.

In his letter dated July 27, 2023, Kutcher described Masterson as a man who treated people “with decency, equality, and generosity,” he wrote.

Kunis’ letter called Masterson “an outstanding role model and friend” and an “exceptional older brother figure.”

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