Mulan TANKED At The Box Office! A DISASTER For Disney & They FINALLY Respond To Backlash

TheQuartering [9/14/2020]

Mulan hit the box office worldwide this weekend and it completely tanked in China, the one place they were banking on. Disney looks to be losing big on this one.

According to the NY Times:

The filmmakers were trying too hard to pander to China, but did not try hard enough to get their historical facts right. They made Mulan too westernized yet still succumbed to Orientalist stereotypes. They cast popular Chinese actors yet gave them lines in English that felt awkward in a Chinese setting.

“The movie is a waste of Mulan’s innocent name; it really is heartbreaking,” Qiu Tian, 30, a psychology teacher at a Beijing university who recently saw the movie, said in an interview. “The director completely misunderstood Mulan and stubbornly twisted her character into this role as an extreme feminist and hero.”

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