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September 6, 2022

Now Nobody Will Date Her…

TheQuartering [9/6/2022]

According to TheNYPost:

A British OnlyFans model claims that being on the site has “ruined” her dating life as men presume she is “easy.”

“I love what I do but the success has come at a price — it’s ruined my dating life,” Fenella Fox, from Worcester, told

Fox has 118,000 followers on Instagram and tons on OnlyFans and said she makes $200,000 a year off the site, according to Jam Press. The 28-year-old said she has a strict rule of not having sex until the third date, but most men she goes out with seem “impatient” to get to the bedroom.

“I would love to have sex — in fact, I’m desperate for it — but I’ve been pretty much celibate for five years because men just can’t seem to wait until the third date … they just assume I’m up for it straightaway because of my job.”

Fox revealed that she doesn’t tell men about her rule because she would like to see how they act without knowing about it.

“I wonder if I’m more of a trophy f–k in their minds and when that trophy isn’t as easy to get as they thought, they give up,” she said.

Fox noted one instance when she and a date went back to her apartment and when he was told they would not be having sex, the man got up and left.

“He looked me straight in the eyes and said: ‘I’m not attracted to you anymore,’ ” she recalled.

“There’s so much pressure for women to find ‘the one’ — or men assume that because we’re nearing 30 we want marriage and kids — but I would love to just have great sex,” Fox told Jam Press.

“But I don’t like one-night stands. Men don’t seem to have the patience to get to know me.”

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