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July 13, 2023

South Park DEMOLISHES Trans-Bathroom Madness & Goes Viral For PERFECTLY Predicting It!

TheQuartering [7/12/2023]

According to TheNYPost:

A clip featuring South Park’s chief troublemaker Eric Cartman using transgender identity politics for his own ends has gone viral 8 years after it originally aired on Comedy Central.

Dark comedy “South Park” has mocked political figures and ideologies on both sides of politics for decades. Recently, an old clip gained tens of thousands of views for poking fun at how some people use identity politics, such as changing their gender identity, to cynically game the systems of modern society.

In the scene from the episode “The Cissy,” shared by numerous Twitter accounts, Cartman grows so outraged with the lack of available toilets in the boys’ restroom at school that he puts on a bow and identifies as transgender, or as he mispronounces it, “transginger,” to use the girls’ room.

Cartman proceeds to the girls’ restroom and is confronted by female characters, to the point he defends his claim to be there.

When the school principal confronts him later in her office suggesting he does not know what “transgender” means Cartman responds, “It means I live a life of torture and confusion because society sees me as a boy, but I’m really a girl,” later proclaiming the principal cannot force him to use the same restroom as the “cisgingers.”

School staff are shown in a later conversation as Mr. Garrison, who had spent years identifying as a female, explains cisgender is the “politically-correct name for people who aren’t transgender,” because “saying normal is extremely offensive to people who aren’t in that group.”

He follows by warning his coworkers not to start a scandal by going against transgender ideology, “Trust me, you don’t want this hot potato, just let him use the girls’ room.”

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